There is one key principle to rustic design: organic aesthetic. A rustically designed home can be raw and coarse with rough textures and deep colors, but there’s no question of the beauty and openness this style can add to any space. Here are a few of the reasons why homeowners should consider going rustic for their next home renovation project:


There’s something about rustic style furniture that’s just so homey; there’s a layer of livability that can add comfort to any space and a functionality that comes along with each piece. There’s no need for plastic seat covers or Scotchgard in order to protect your decor when your furniture has a natural grit and roughness to it that adds character and is completely natural.

Flexibility and Durability

Real natural wood has a level of durability that’s meant to last. With natural wood, this furniture can withstand nearly anything, which makes it a fantastic option for outdoor furniture as well. The hard surface and flexibility of the wood make it the perfect asset for any space.


Nothing adds more warmth to a space than the natural colors of wood furniture. Deep browns and auburns can add not only warmth, but a rich texture to any space — and you don’t have to follow the rustic theme completely to achieve this either — add an accent piece or some decorations like cabin-style wood paneling or tan leather armchairs.


And speaking of combining different elements, a rustic design gives you the freedom to blend other styles as well – after all, part of the charm of a rustic space is highlighting the juxtaposition of a more minimalist, contemporary, coastal or traditional look. Consider pairing your rustic pieces with modern furniture or rough textiles; emphasize the raw wood or stone with the sophistication of plush love seats or a bohemian style rug.


The warmth of a rustic space coupled with the livable atmosphere can make your home more welcoming to everyone who enters – warm hues and natural textures abound, rustic furniture can completely change the feel of a space painted in cool toned blues or icy whites.


Rustic furniture tells a rich history – each mark, divet, and scratch shapes the furniture which makes your space totally unique. Similarly, most rustic furniture is handcrafted, which means depending on the company, it can be customized. Searching for a specific piece but don’t know where to find it? It might be worth it to look into a handcrafted, rustic piece to suit all of your furnishing needs.

Overall, rustic style furniture is the perfect accent to any collection of pieces, the perfect way to add warmth and comfort to your space, and a beautiful way to achieve a welcoming and homey environment. Looking for a rustic piece in the Colts Neck area? Man Vs Wood can supply you with custom made, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, quality pieces to complete any rustic home renovation from kitchen to backyard and from bedroom to bathroom.